Coleman PLLC

Leader and innovator in protecting your privacy rights.




Privacy Rights


We protect consumers from companies that are negligent, or knowingly violate their privacy rights.

If a corporation has experienced a data leak, or data breach, we will take action to protect your data and fight to get you compensation as well.

Unfair Business Practices


We protect consumers from corporations that exhibit unfair business practices. 

We oppose deceptive business tactics that trick consumers into buying products, especially at higher than reasonable prices.

Product Defects


Oftentimes, in the rush to sell products, corporations are negligent in ensuring that the product itself matches what they claim to be selling.

We help consumers recover money from companies if a product is defective, or doesn't work as advertised.



We enforce the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in ensuring that corporations abide by the law when calling consumers. 

This includes phone calls, text messages and faxes. If a consumer's rights are being violated, we will take action, at no cost to the consumer.