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Stopping Telemarketers

Our law firm is dedicated to stopping telemarketers and protecting consumers from unwanted calls and texts. We do this by filing class action lawsuits under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The TCPA is a federal law that sets strict rules for how telemarketers and other companies can contact consumers. It prohibits calling consumers without consent, including calling with prerecorded messages, and requires them to have written consent from consumers before they can call or text them.

When telemarketers and other companies violate the TCPA, they can be held liable for damages. Our law firm aims to to hold telemarketers and other companies accountable for their actions and stop them from continuing to violate the TCPA. 

Protecting Privacy Rights

Attorney Stefan Coleman has continued to fight for consumers in a very compelling battle for who controls the privacy rights of consumers when they continue to give over their personal information to the companies they interact with.

For example, as consumers use Facebook and other websites, these companies collect and track their online behavior. These companies continue to build a massive data profile of each and every person. The scary thing is that Facebook and other media companies know your habits, preferences, shopping habits, likes and dislikes more than most of your family and friends. What are they allowed to do with all of this information? Can the consumer take back that information once it’s been transmitted over to those companies? Who has the rights and control over that information once it's been transmitted to these companies and how long can they retain that information?

Coleman PLLC is working to restore the privacy rights of consumers in the digital age. In an era where everything is posted online, our firms works to ensure consumers privacy rights are respected and not abused. 

Product Defects

Our law firm is dedicated to protecting consumers from dangerous and defective products. We do this by filing class action lawsuits on behalf of individuals who have been harmed or misled by these products.


Product defects can range from minor issues to serious safety hazards. For example, we have investigated cases related to unsafe consumer products that have caused injuries and faulty medical devices that have caused harm to patients.

By filing class action lawsuits, we are able to hold companies accountable for their actions and ensure that consumers receive the justice and compensation they deserve. 

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