Stopping Telemarketers

Attorney Stefan Coleman has dedicated a significant part of his law firm Coleman PLLC to protecting consumers from telemarketers (and the corporations that engage telemarketers) that harass consumers by calling them daily without their consent.

Stefan Coleman has punished these telemarketers through strategic law suits that have forced these companies to pay consumers up to $500 for the illegal and relentless calls they have made to consumers without their consent.

There is no cost for the services attorney Stefan Coleman provides to his clients. Ever. When a corporation is brought to justice for their illegal telemarketing, the firm will collect its attorney fees from that corporation.

In addition, Coleman PLLC does all the work on behalf of their clients. 

Guardian of Privacy Rights

Stefan Coleman attorney has continued to fight for consumers in a very compelling battle for who controls the privacy rights of consumers when they continue to give over their personal information to the companies they interact with.

For example, as consumers use Facebook and other websites, these companies collect and track their online behavior. These companies continue to build a massive data profile of each and every person. The scary thing is that Facebook and other media companies know your habits, preferences, shopping habits, likes and dislikes more than most of your family and friends. What are they allowed to do with all of this information? Can the consumer take back that information once it’s been transmitted over to those companies? Who has the rights and control over that information once it’s been made public?

Coleman PLLC is working to restore the privacy rights of consumers in the digital age. In an era where everything is posted online, someone somewhere has to be working on behalf of the consumers to make sure corporations don’t abuse the power they have been given.